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GIFFY + App Engine / AppScale


Build cloud based business applications using less time and effort with standard tools for common functionality.


Flixible Rule Engine to manage business processes at runtime.
Advanced customization of web forms with field dependencies, dynamic field filling, pagination, pre-built validation rules, and more.

Google Apps

Grow your business with GIFFY

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  What is GIFFY?

GIFFY is a framework on top of which you can develop business application with minimal coding.
It is developed using Google Appengine and Google Apps API's. It optimized for seamless integration with the Google cloud platform.
It simplifies business application development on the Google Cloud Platform by creating an abstraction over the core platform and empowering end users with a Model Driven approach rather than the traditional development cycle. Streamline development with GIFFY.

Reduces Development Time

GIFFY reduces application development life cycle by letting the developer not having to start from scratch as core and common functionalites are built in.

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Optimize your workforce

GIFFY makes migration of legacy system on cloud easy with its strong rule engine that helps building business workflows extramly simple and dynamic.

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Migrate Legacy App To Cloud

Have your legacy system running on cloud. Less coding. Easy migration of your existing workflows into Cloud through GIFFY. Full control. Watch as your app takes shape on cloud.

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Use Cases